Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Problems with The Circle Trilogy

I like Ted Dekker's books, especially the Circle "trilogy" (it's really a quartet). But I have noticed some flaws in his... what would you call it, theology?

1. In the book White, Thomas is urged, commanded, even, by "Elyon" (the fiction world's allegory for God) to woo a Horde princess. In this world, evil is seen, and manifests itself as a skin condition that fogs the mind. There are two parties, the Horde (those who don't follow Elyon) and the Circle (those who do). So Thomas, a leader of the Circle, is commanded by Elyon to show love and woo the Horde princess, Chelsie. Here's what I have wrong with it.

"Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?" - 2 Cor. 6:14

Christians marrying unbelievers never works. Christians think "I can change him/her"... but usually it does just the opposite, pulling the Christian away from God. This, of course, does not mean that we shouldn't love unbelievers, in fact Christians (and the Circle in Dekker's book) are commanded to love their enemies, and pray for those who persecute them. But we're not supposed to love with Eros (romantic love), but Agape (unconditional love; as we love ourselves).


2. In Dekker's book Green (just out), there's a scene at the end where about half of the believing Circle turn away from Elyon and follow a false prophetess, so to say (not quite right, but I'm trying to explain if you've never read it before) and end up doing things against Elyon and his word. At the very end, Elyon rescues the other half of his people and they follow him to paradise. In order to do so they dive into a lake, and it mentions one person who had turned away diving into the waters. But there's nothing about all the other warriors, and Samuel (Thomas' son) can't go to paradise because he led the people astray and followed the prophetess.

Now, perhaps it's just the denomination Dekker's in, I don't know, but I personally believe that once you have your salvation and have accepted Christ's sacrifice (as Samuel did) you cannot lose your salvation. My pastor actually just taught a message on it. He pointed out (and this is mostly all I remember, I'm certain there were better reasons) that if we could loose our salvation, we would have lost it a long time ago. He also pointed out it was against God's character, and, um, other reasons too. (Comment if you need scriptures on this or anything... I'm not going to bother go finding my notes unless you do.)

3. Dekker got his information on bats from Calvin... ;)

Also, I have a problem with Dekker's book "Boneman's Daughter". It was awful. It could hardly be labeled "Christian"; it was violent, morbid and made me feel physically sick. Honestly. I mean, some of his books have been a bit bad, but this was just awful. Don't bother reading it. Dekker's writing has gotten steadily worse as his books become more violent and morbid, and this is probably the worst. Even Green has some moments in it that are a bit like Boneman's Daughter... I hope his writing will improve, but it seems to be going in the opposite direction.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Here are some things that amused/scared me out West....

1. Hidden meanings?
2. A sign on a box on the shuttle bus to the car rental place said...
"Bloodbourne pathogens - infection prevention kit"
I guess they're ready for the zombie invasion.

3. Technical climbers start young here, I guess.

4. At first it looks like an innocent Popeyes poster... then you read the bottom right hand corner.
5. How do you get in that door again?

6. What happened to the person wearing it is what I want to know...

7. Um, ok, I get it. Don't go near the squirrel, don't go near the squirrel, don't go near the squirrel..."

8. Look! They make miniature pueblos at the hotels! (Yeah, it's my dad's lame joke...)

9. Wait a second...

10. They don't believe in Daylight savings time here. 

11. Now I can say it in 7 different lanuguages! (this is at the Lake Powell visitor's center, by the way)

12. If you really need this sign you're already off the edge.

13. Interrogation

14. This is how I feel when I get in the shower.

15. Pwease, can I have jwest a widdle bit? :(

16. Not a good sign. 

17. Honestly, is that the best you can come up with?

18. Denver, home of... "Cape Cod potato chips!" Yay! Hey... wait a second...

19. The tornado shelter doubles as a women's room. 

20. Sunrise at the Grand Canyon... and the little boy is playing with rocks or a bug or something.